Rocco's Sweet Shoppe at Coachella

Being a vendor for the first time at Coachella was just as rewarding as being a spectator. In fact, it felt a little more special being 'a part' of the event. 

rose garden

This amazing gathering has been happening for 16 years now and still remains tasteful. Over the years they have expanded their VEGAN options and we were able to sample some delicious cruelty free items from Simply Vegan, Donut Farm, and Sage Vegan Bistro. Our favorite meal came from Ramenhood.

Along with great food, we were able to catch some great live shows too from Rancid, Ice Cube, The Damned, and Major Lazer.


All in all we had a fantastic weekend seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing our sweet treats with everyone. See you next year Coachella.